For players

  • Promotion in polish and foreign clubs
  • Individual career path planning and development
  • Representation during contractual negotiations
  • Acquisition of Sponsors and Advertisers
  • Sports marketing including social media
  • Legal support and advise

For clubs

  • Scouting services
  • Legal support and advise
  • Representation and consultancy during negotiations
  • Sports marketing
  • Training camps organisation

For parents

  • Close contact with parents, player and manager
  • Mutual transfer planning
  • School, acclimatisation, accommodation, transfer time coordination
  • Full cooperation with parents and player guaranteed
  • Personal counsellor solving current player challenges and queries

About me

I studied law and graduated from Warsaw University Law Department. I am a negotiator, licensed FIFA manager, consultant, player and football coach. I was able to combine my skills and knowledge with my greatest passion – football. That’s why I am aware of players needs and I know how to fulfil them.
I work with a team of passionate people, specialists in various fields. Together we work every day creating new quality in polish football management. Our scouting system is one of the best in Poland. We work with many known clubs both in Poland and Europe. Thanks to our knowledge, expertise and direct contacts we are able to acquire sponsors and advertising contracts for our players.
We are a team you can join. We will stand on your side with advice, monitoring and coaching, always showing you possible career development options. We can increase your chances to win, and if you work hard enough we will succeed together.